Personal Touch means 'customization', 'exclusivity', 'tailor-made', and 'care with ourproducts'. The hand holding the leaf in our logo communicates our genuine concern to provide the best tailor-made tobacco to meet our customers’ needs. It has been communicating Souza Cruz's Tobaccos to the entire world since 1983.

Special Capabilities

The Santa Cruz do Sul green leaf threshing plant, inaugurated in 1996, is one of the biggest and most modern in the world. In addition to this threshing plant, Souza Cruz processes the tobacco in Blumenau and Rio Negro threshing plants where the most modern equipment allows us to have differentiated processing types to address specific requirements. Also, our company has cool-storage warehouses, provided for Blumenau and Santa Cruz do Sul, and de-humidified warehousing for the finished product.

•    Green leaf buying capacity: 2,000 ton per day
•    Threshing capacity: 200,000 ton per year
•    Seasonal workers: 3000
Our experienced blending team monitors the tobacco throughout the entire process to ensure quality and uniformity with daily inspections of all packed grades.

With operations in the 3 states of the south of Brazil, Souza Cruz offers security and versatility of supply to our customers.

Types of processes: Tip and thresh, Total thresh, Loose leaf, Butted loose leaf, Hand strips, Machine hand strips.

Farmers as Partners

Souza Cruz is pioneer of the Integrated Tobacco Growing System, a successful partnership with small-scale growers, most of them family farmers. Through this system Souza Cruz supplies seeds and agricultural inputs and provides technical assistance to the growers at all stages of the production cycle. This model of agricultural production started back in 1918 and has been developed and improved throughout the years. From the first field technicians to the present-day laptop-bearing professionals, Souza Cruz has evolved to a system that benefits all parties.

Leaf Production numbers:

•  More than 600 municipalities growing tobacco in Brazilian Southern regions;
•  30,000 integrated farmers assisted by Souza Cruz;
•  More than 180,000 ton of different tobacco types produced every year.


Souza Cruz exports its quality products to more than 50 countries in the world. Our integrated production system delivers the highest standard of quality in the most socially and environmentally sustainable way.

Our experienced account managers provide specialized service attending to each of our clients requirements. We provide this service throughout the entire process, from blending to the customer warehouse.

Souza Cruz, via Personal Touch, is able to supply a diverse range of tobacco types: Flue Cured Virginia, Air Cured Burley, Air Cured Maryland, Air Cured Comum and Air Cured Dark.

Cigarrette Expertise

Souza Cruz has had operations in Brazil for over 110 years. It has been the tobacco industry’s leader in Brazil throughout this time. Our leadership is reflected in the tobacco we export as well as our cigarette brand portfolio in Brazil.

Our domestic cigarette market is served by two modern manufacturing facilities located in Uberlandia in the state of Minas Gerais and in Cachoeirinha in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

With a market share that has historically hovered around 80%, Souza Cruz supplies over 300,000 retail outlets directly through an extensive distribution network.

Recognition / International Certification

Total commitment has always been a factor behind Souza Cruz’s success. Our involvement with environment programs and the development of new technologies have earned us recognition and many important awards such as:
•    ISO 9001 - Quality Management System Standards
•    ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System
•    OHSAS 18001 - Health & Safety in the Workplace
•    SRTP